International Journal of Islamic Sufism: is an unprejudiced and independent journal with an international arbitration system evaluating the articles with the “double-blind” method.

International Journal of Islamic Sufism publishes articles, new book reviews, research papers, review papers, case studies, etc. in areas of Islamic Sufism. The journal also provides information about conferences, symposiums and events related to the field.

International Journal of Islamic Sufism serves as a platform for communicating wealthy findings in the field of Islamic Sufism to the researchers, students and readers. The presence of this journal is intended to respond to and inform the development of current academic issues related to Islamic Sufism.

Journal publishes two times (April, October) a year. To be published in the International Journal of Islamic Sufism a paper must be substantial and original. The journal is published in English.

Authors should observe high standards with respect to publication ethics as set out by the Commission on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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Publisher :

Dr. Khayala Mammadova
Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center Public Union
Editor in Chief
Dr. Agil Shirinov
Azerbaijan Theological Institute, Azerbaijan
Honorable Editor
Cemalnur Sargut
Advisor to the President of Uskudar University, Turkey
Deputy Editor
İlahe M. Kurşun
Uskudar University, Turkey

From The Honorary Editor

This journal was put into service to show our unity first and to explain how our mystical life has made the world “paradise.”

Turkish, Azerbaijani and foreign Sufis will write articles in this journal. Thus, they will tell us the ways of making everyone's life a "paradise", the ways to be content with their state, and the ways to enjoy the world by living with God in this world.

This road is a way in which material science is lacking because Sufism will lead the way of unity and solidarity. That is why we need innate science. I believe this journal will be very useful.

Cemalnur Sargut

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