Ass. Prof. Ali Ashraf Emami

Mashad University, Iran

Ali Ashraf Emami graduated from the University of Tehran in 2005 with a degree in Religion and Mysticism. His doctoral dissertation is “Comparison of the mystical views of Abdul Karim Jili and Ibn Arabi” which has been published. He is also the author of A Look at Hermeneutics in the West and Interpretation from Perspective of ibn Arabi.

He is an associate professor at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and since 2017 he has been the director of the Department of Religions and Comparative Mysticism and also the director of the Department of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

His research focuses are mainly in the field of Sufism, especially Sufi terms and mystical interpretation, and in The Great Islamic Encyclopedia he has articles such as (interpretationتاویل, monotheism in Islamic mysticism, Jam and tafreghehجمع و تفرقه, madnessجنون in Islamic mysticism, wisdomحکمت in Islamic mysticism,،The truthحقیق.

In addition to these; articles entitled “Reflection of Hakim Tirmidhi’s mystical views on Ibn Arabi”, “A look at the mystical explanations of the seal of prophecy”, “Mystical interpretation in the verses of Raz of Shirazآیات الولایه راز شیرازی”, “Mystical interpretation of verses 43 of Surah Qalam; A Study Of The Seven lataef and the Seven existential Prophets ; from Attar to Alau Al-Dawlah Semnani and The similarities between Jesus Christ and Imam Ali (peace be upon him) ،The spiritual kingdom of Imam Reza; conceptual study of the kingdom and Sakineh Qalbiyyeh in the hadith of Imam Reza, The trinity from the point of view of ibn Arab and Abdul Karim Jili, the knowledge of religions from the point of view of Abdul Karim Jili,The mystical ontology from the point of view of Ibn Arabi and Abdul Karim Jili , The ِDhahabiyyeh order after Haji Mohammad Khaboshani.