Dr. Khayala Mammadova

Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center Public Union

Awarded with Taraggi (Progress) medal by order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Mr.IlhamAliyev for the best activity in Azerbaijan social-cultural life , 5th February, 2013

Dr. KhayalaMammadova  chairs Global Cooperation  and Analytical  Research  Center Public Union, which   is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization  dedicated to addressing   global, regional, and local issues including: science and technology; education , culture and heritage by formulating proposals through the execution of studies, conferences, projects and research. It creates, facilitates, and implements wider scope international educational and cultural development projects, building on its own experience, expertise and strong national and international networks. Global Cooperation  and Analytical Research Center   builds bridges and implements development promoting initiatives on a global level.

She is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Science and Innovative Technologies (www.ejsr.org ) and International Journal of Humanities and Social development Research (www.ijhsdr.com). KhayalaMammadova  is also  Scientific Advisor to the national and  international scientific journals.

She is Editor Deputy of the International Journal of Multiculturalism. International Journal of Multiculturalism is an international, double-blind peer- reviewed journal  and provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars in fields of multicultural psychology, multicultural communication, education, management cross-disciplinary, social welfare, sociology, organizational /community development and related disciplines.(www.bimc-ijm.com)

Dr. KhayalaMammadova head of International Multicultural Network. Multiculturalism Network is an online presence to connect researchers and practitioners with an interest in multiculturalism. Aimed at promoting and disseminating research   on the multifaceted multicultural   agenda and for comprised of scholars, state and community actors specializing in the fields of multiculturalism, intercultural and interreligious relations across diverse disciplines and geographical regions. The IMN has 72 Country  Representatives  in different countries and regions of the world. (http://multiculturalnetwork2016.blogspot.com/)

Dr. KhayalaMammadova  head of Sustainable Development Learning Network. SDLN is a social learning network. The main mission to provide a strong foundation for sustainable development learning, aim to accelerate joint learning in order to achieve and promote integrated approaches that address the interconnected Sustainable development goals.

Dr. KhayalaMammadova   obtained her PhD. in Social Philosophy in 2016 from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences/Khazar University.  She successfully teaches courses in Region studies, Business communication, International relations for   undergraduate and graduate programs.Dr. KhayalaMammadova is a regularly invited speaker at national and international conferences, and has delivered lectures and workshops in academic and professional institutions worldwide.Her research has been published in many national, international and impact factor journals.

She is organizer of   successful scientific events. Married, has three children.