Prof. Dr. Konul Bunyadzadeh

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan 

Konul Bunyadzadeh was born on November 2, 1974 in the village of Zod, Goycha district of Western Azerbaijan.

In 1992, she was admitted to the Department of Arabic Translation, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Baku State University, where she graduated with honors in 1997.

In the same year, she was hired as a senior laboratory assistant at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, and at the same time her dissertation was approved.

In 2002 she defended her dissertation on “Sufi-philosophical issues in” Sarraj Tusi’s “al-Luma” “, and in 2007 her doctoral dissertation on “Irrational cognition in the history of Eastern and Western philosophy (Middle Ages)” and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Currently, she is a senior researcher at the institute and head of the “Islamic Philosophy” department.